Empowering Women to

Empowering Women to Break Free,

From the Impact of Having Suffered Abuse to Rediscover and Live Their God-Given Purpose.


Be the Person You Were Born to Be, to Do What You Were Born to Do, without the Negative Impact of a Hurtful Past Holding You Back.


You Deserve to Live your Full, Whole, and Best Life!  Yes, You Do.

  • Now, that you are wanting to pursue new ideas and desires are your old "gremlins" (those limiting beliefs and/or negative thoughts) popping up again


  • Have you gone through a hurtful situation that has left you feeling that,    ( fill in your dream/vision)_, isn't possible for you?


  • Or you may know that you're meant to, and you desire to, make a difference, but you're struggling with making that happen.  


  • Do you get some headway in starting towards your dream but then you get stuck?


  • Have you been so busy living for others that you find yourself struggling to even know your natural gifts and talents, to even know who you were born to be and what you were born to do? 


  • Do you find yourself doing "all the right things", you're doing what all the teachers, coaches, advisors, are telling you, but it's still not working for you?  


  • Are you feeling frustrated and defeated along the way? 


This is because you need to (for the first time or once again) look at something more personal, something within that is keeping you chained from moving forward in your passion, your vision, your desire, ... your purpose.


 Working with me you can - 


  • Experience freedom from the negative impact of a hurtful past.
  • Get clarity on your natural gifts & talents (who you were born to be). 


  • Feel confident pursuing what you desire and love to do (what you were born to do).






You are not alone!

There are 1,000’s of women like you, who;

  • have a flame of an idea, that's sparked by a desire, or
  • who are in the midst of pursuing a vision, a purpose, but feel like they've gotten stuck.

As we challenge ourselves in doing what we are meant and designed to do, that is when our personal growth can be challenged once again. It’s the effects of past hurts that can resurface and hold us back.  



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Where to Start:  

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  • Create a working plan for finding and living your life purpose (even if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start) 
  • The 5 Steps To Finding and Living Your Life Purpose, including a practical roadmap you can use right away….
  • How to make positive changes, NOW, to create and maintain a meaningful, purpose-filled life...

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