Discover Your Freedom, from the Impact of Relational Abuse

You Can Take Your Life Back

Having suffered from neglect, verbal/emotional, sexual, physical and/or spiritual abuse, leaves behind heart, mind and soul wounds.  Even though you are no longer in the midst of an abusive circumstance, the impact and its effects can still linger and affect your life.  This lingering impact can keep you from being confident, feeling centered and at peace, and can hinder you from experiencing safe & healthy relationships.
Your Abusive and Negative Past 
No Longer needs to Impact Your Life

 Can You Relate, to some of these Lingering Effects of Relational Abuse?

  1. Does your soul ache?
  2. Do you have trouble, deep down, really being able to trust others?
  3. Do you feel that you need to manage/control things so “nothing bad will happen”?
  4. Do you want close loving relationships but then push others away in fear of being hurt?
  5. Do you feel that it is your responsibility that others are happy?
  6. Do you have trouble saying no to what others want of you despite your values, needs, and boundaries?
  7. Do you find that you end up doing the very thing that you do not want to do?
  8. Do you have difficulty accepting love, despite repeated reassurance?
  9. Have you “lost your voice”, having trouble communicating with people?
  10. Do you struggle with shame, that you feel you are flawed in some way as a person?
  11. Do you chronically feel numb and powerless?
  12. Do you experience a loss of relational closeness? 

You can have Freedom, from the Lingering Effects of Relational Abuse.  It is Possible....   

  1. to be grounded, content and at peace with yourself, and within yourself.
  2. to discern what is a safe level of trust in a relationship and then to be brave in trusting others again.
  3. to overcome fears, limiting/false beliefs and gain new empowering/true beliefs.
  4. to find the tools that you need, to be and feel safe in relationships
  5. to have balance in, what is "your part" in a relationship and "what is their part" in a relationship.
  6. to clarify your true values, making choices and decisions that align with those values, and holding what is true for you with strong, loving, personal boundaries.
  7. to identify and shed limiting beliefs, that are based on your past survival methods, freeing you to do what you intend to do.
  8. discover your true authentic self, re-identifying with the person you were born to be and knowing that you are worthy of love.
  9. to reclaim your voice expressing your thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs.  Also, speaking your truth, to others who have earned the right to hear your truth.
  10. to know, to really know, your value, your worth, the beauty of who you are and live courageously in your authentic created self, no longer living in shame, but living courageously, in who God has always intended you to be.
  11. to get in touch with your feelings once again and to have the power to manage them and express them.
  12. to get unstuck from the fear of being hurt again by learning new skills, new mindsets and new boundaries that will equip you to navigate those relationships that you so long for.

 Because you deserve to have peace, self-confidence, and positive relationships, this gift is available for you,  to help you to gain freedom from the effects of the relational abuse you've suffered.


** With this Free Gift, "6 Keys to unlock the process of freedom from the lingering effects of relational abuse", you will learn:

  • that you can live a more peaceful and courageous life
  • that you can have a life filled with safe and trustworthy relationships,
  • you can feel more secure & empowered, loving the person that you are
  • and you can live the life, you were always intended to live, reconnected with your true and genuine self.


You’re not alone! I have helped women like you, who find themselves struggling with the effects of having suffered from one form of abuse or another.  I have helped them to find freedom from feelings of inadequacy and shame,  freedom from feelings of fear and anxiety while finding peace in who they are, and moving forward, living courageously in their true identity. 

"The Journey is worth the Traveling,
for the Destination has so much More for You"

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