A Piece of My Story

About 4 years ago, I came to an impasse in my healing journey I was finding myself in another area of struggle with the lingering effects of my past abuse.   In particular, anger. I was frustrated and wondering why there is more to deal with in my healing and that certain "ways of feeling and reacting", where surfacing and affecting me after so long. Historically there had been improvements and the quality of my life had significantly improved. I had done a good amount of processing and healing already, but there were things, at another level that I was struggling with that I did not want to impact me anymoreThere was another layer of healing that needed to happen.

Here's the thing, at the time, I didn't realize that I needed to identify my limiting beliefs (A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect or distorted conclusion about something in life) that were keeping me stuck. The limiting beliefs that I had were keeping me from moving into a calmer & peaceful life with good relationships.  They were keeping me from the truth of who I really am. Because of the abuse, I had suffered in my life I had in place beliefs, that served me well at the time but since then, they were having negative impacts on my life and relationships.

I didn’t realize, that after identifying what thoughts and beliefs were holding me back, it was not about focusing on “dealing” with and trying to “stop” doing what I didn’t want to do anymore. It was about identifying (or re-discovering)  the truth of who I am, claiming it and believing it, (that can be the tricky part)  then focusing on those truths and walking them out in my life.  On this part of My Journey, the people who encouraged me and the person who coached me was invaluable to the contribution of my accelerated awareness and growth.

When I established safety in my life, choose to take some risks by reaching out to others in safe relationships, and received my own mentoring and coaching, it opened new possibilities for freedom from the past and for personal growth.  After going through this process, I now have more peace, I feel settled and comfortable in my identity and I am enjoying safe, trustworthy & loving relationships. Alignment with my true values, and having a new mindset, has freed me to live in my intended design.


"The Journey is worth the Traveling,
for the Destination has so much More for You"

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