Meet Deanna Lang, R.N., C.L.C.


Deanna Lang,

Certified Life, Spiritual and Christian Coach,

Founder of Mend Your Soul Ministries

I believe that no one should have to walk their journey of transformation and growth alone. We are all meant to grow, to contribute, to flourish, and to manifest our created selves in the world, to live a life we find worth living.  Anything that hinders that created intent can be overcome.

Let's Explore How You Can Get Free From the Effects of Past Hurts

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After going through my own spiritual and personal development/healing journey, which became so much easier when I received the coaching I did, I was inspired to become a coach and walk alongside others in their inner healing journey.  I wanted to be there for others, like those who were for me, so they can get results faster and easier than if they would try on their own. That’s when I pursued manifesting my personal gifting as an "Advisor" in the Profession of Personal Coaching.  

Since then, I have had the honor of helping women, in their healing and transformation journies, to obtain freedom from the negative impacts of past hurtful, abusive situations so they can re-connect and fully discover their unique and beautiful created design to live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

With "Mend Your Soul Coaching," You Will:

  • overcome feelings of:
  •       shame 
  •      confusion
  •      doubt
  • overcome that inner critical voice
  • overcome the effects caused by past hurtful and/or abusive situations. 
  • have clarity on your natural gifts and talents, your created design
  • feel confident to pursue doing what you love to do, knowing you were created on purpose for a purpose.

I have had the privilege of...

... working with clients, people in my community, and church, as a

  • Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach and
  • a Facilitator of Healing Groups. 

Clients and Group Participants have found “as if a weight has been lifted” from the negativity of having suffered from abuse. They have journeyed into more peaceful, confident lives, experiencing a renewed sense of self, feeling “comfortable in their own skin,” and living the “me that was always meant to be.”

I’m certified through,

  • Life Purpose Institute, as a Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and Christian Life Coach.

I’ve had training in the facilitation of the following group processes,

  • “Mending the Soul,”
  • “Genesis Process, 
  • via Abuse Recovery Ministry Services, “Her Journey.”

As a Registered Nurse,

... with experience in many areas of nursing that included the field of Psychiatric Nursing;

I have worked with people who found themselves in some of life’s greatest challenges and hurts.  These experiences have given me a good understanding of meeting people where they are at, helping them to feel safe and understood, and facilitating their journey in their healing process.

Outside of the passion of coaching and supporting women in their recovery from the effects of a hurtful or abusive past;

I love just about anything that has to do with the outdoors, painting & drawing, exploring God's truths, building relationships, and being with friends & family.


Thank you for learning a bit about me and my heart's desire to serve women who want to pursue their inner-healing.

 To show my thanks,

I would like to offer you this free guide because to be who you were born to be and do what you were born to do; it takes some Courage and Risk; see how to step out in a way that brings positive results.

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  Currently, Complimentary Sessions Unavailable Due to Restructure of Program and Offers

To stay updated regarding upcoming restructured programs and offers, sign up here for the

Mend Your Soul Ministries Monthly Newsletter


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