What Others are Saying

When Deanna and I met, we instantly hit it off! I knew working with her as my coach, would provide valuable insight as I sought to face my challenges. I was right; at our very first session, Deanna helped me name my fears and challenged me to accept my truth. That simple act was empowering! During our sessions, she continued to help me call out my limiting self-beliefs and replace those with my truth. I am much stronger today because of the work I did with Deanna's guidance.
Christian Coach
What surprised me the most about working with Deanna was how quickly her questions led me to discover more of the roadblocks in my thinking and belief systems that were keeping me from moving forward. As soon as we got done with a session, I’d have the opportunity to think of more baggage to bring up to her for our next session. While I expected to just work through one issue in our talks, Deanna’s thought-provoking questions allowed me to process and get rid of unnecessary “mind clutter” that I realized was really holding me back from living out my full potential. Deanna is like your wisest and most compassionate friend. She listens better than anyone I know; she is extremely sensitive and caring in how she approaches difficult topics.
Hilary M Medina

Business Owner,

Stay at Home Mom, Wife

Deanna and I have worked closely with one another for a few years. She is empathetic and a great encourager. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach!

Shari Hall, Biblical Mentor

Project Hope 

Deanna and I have worked together for quite some time now. She is extremely compassionate and empathetic to the needs of her clients. She has such great energy and will walk with you through your journey of healing. I would strongly recommend her as a Life Coach.
Anita Prielipp, Life Coach
Curacion - Life Coach and Healing
My coaching time with Deanna was wonderful! She asked great questions that helped me discover what was truly holding me back and helped me make a plan to move forward and gain success instead of staying stuck in an unproductive cycle of behavior. It's amazing how small weekly goals can add up to big changes.
Sarah B.
Deanna has worked with me a few times now, and I love her caring heart, wisdom, and ability to give me creative ideas and point me in the right direction. She has a great heart of compassion. I recommend her to anyone who needs an ear to listen and a Godly wing to sit under. I look forward to working with her in the future! I highly recommend her for any solution you're looking for. She has made me a stronger individual and a better coach.

Lynn Mattina,

Personal & Spiritual Life Coach