Mend Your Soul's Mission

The Mission of "Mend Your Soul, Deanna Lang Coaching" is

to help women, who've been affected by hurtful or abusive relationships and situations, rediscover their worth, truth, and purpose.


Everyone has been created on purpose for a purpose. We all have an innate dignity given to us by our Creator from the instant we were formed in our mother’s womb, designed by the Designer for a particular purpose.

The effects of being a recipient of abuse can mare a person's heart, mind, and soul. It can mare our design. Leaving us feeling angry, sad, bitter, or frustrated because our innate knowing of our values, were violated.

Abuse wants to leave us insignificant, worthless, and voiceless. It chooses to treat us and label us as such, so it doesn’t have to see our innate dignity given to us by our Creator. It can keep us from being the person we were created to be.

Abuse can ingrain in us feelings of shame, fear, self-loathing, and feeling undeserving. These negative and critical messages that become part of our own internal thinking are all lies. Lies, that being treated abusively, instills in us so the abuser can keep us in a position of insignificance to then feel ok in treating us abusively.

Even after getting away from the abuse, we can still be affected by it. The lies can linger in the back of our minds, leaking unknowingly into our thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

  • We may want a chance at a happy marriage, but we struggle to know what a healthy relationship is.
  • We may want to pursue our dreams, but we may not believe we can do it or deserve to have it.
  • We may have natural talents and gifts, but we’re afraid of them because the abuser took advantage of us in that area or lied and told us our gifts and talents are just junk.
  • We may have received healing of our wounds and have been able to move on in life, but when challenged to personally grow in a new area of life, the lies resurface and try again to keep us from what we are meant to do.
  • We may want to do something that makes us happy and that we're good at, but we may not even clearly know what that is.
  • We may want to believe in God, but how could God allow such hurt, pain, and evil?

Abuse wants to leave us insignificant, worthless, and voiceless. This is sad for many reasons, one of them being, what God designed will not fully shine in its purpose for being designed. 


Well, although this is a seemingly bleak situation, there is hope; there is good news.

Although the abuse tried to keep you down, it does not have to be victorious. Do not let what your abuser(s) did to you keep you from being who you were born to be and what you were born to do.

There is a path, a way, a journey to have freedom from the impact of abuse.

There is restoration and healing available.

Like anything worth having, there is the need to seek and pursue, with focus and intention, for the journey of healing and restoration leads to:


  • A hopeful heart.
  • Dignity restored.
  • Happiness in relationships.
  • Daring to dream, having the visions that we are meant to have for ourselves.
  • Rediscovery of our created design, our natural gifts, and talents.
  • Self- acceptance, feeling firm, and confident in who we are.
  • Empowered in speaking our truth
  • Knowing that when new areas of personal growth are presented to us, we are equipped to navigate those lies, those limiting beliefs that are not true for us, and then grow even more into the person God designed us to be.
  • Clarity in your purpose
  • A true understanding of the charter of God, who He is, and who He wants to be for us.


In the work that I do, I believe every person, who has been mistreated, abused, by another, deserves to obtain and can obtain freedom from the impact of that abuse, in order to continue being the person they were born to be and to do what they were born to do.

The way I help women obtain freedom from the impact of abuse is by coming alongside them in their healing journey as a transformational coach.


I offer a Free Guide, 

6 Keys to gain Freedom from the Impact of Abuse

This Guide will take you through the steps of overcoming past hurts to move forward in pursuing a life of fulfillment.

  • knowing the importance of emotional safety
  • understanding, that feeling leads to healing
  • accepting your story
  • identifying harmful/limiting/false beliefs
  • taking responsibility for your part in your healing journey
  • Grief and its role in healing the hurts of the past


Free Gift

6 Keys to Gain Freedom from The Impact of Abuse


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